When the advertiser checks his or her log files and finds that a web surfer has visited the advertiser’s site from the content site by clicking on the banner ad, the advertiser sends a small amount, say, around five –ten US cents, to the content provider.

For several web users, the banner ads are highly annoying as they distract from the web page’s real content or waste bandwidth. The aim of the banner ad is to attract attention. Without attracting the surfers it will not provide revenue for the advertiser or the content provider. These images are usually placed on web pages with interesting contents, such as an article from a newspaper or an opinion piece. The web banner makes its appearance when the web page that has reference to the banner is loaded into a web browser, an event known as an “impression”. When a viewer clicks on the banner he or she is taken to the web site advertised in the banner. The web banner does not differ much from the traditional advertisements found in the newspapers, magazines etc in their intended functions: making consumers aware of the product/service and giving reasons why they should buy the product/service in question. Only the web banner differs in that the results for advertisement campaigns might be monitored real-time and targeted to the visitors’ interests.

Web banner can get a little tricky sometimes. A lot of marketers go all out trying to be clever and the end result is usually a loud, irritating banner that sours people’s opinion of your business. For beginning slow loading banners are next to useless so keep your file size as small as possible. Fancy flash animation and music are two things that bump file sizes up. Be kind to your customers; give them the option to pause/close your banner if they’re not interested in it. Sales or any other kind of limited time only promotion create a sense of urgency that’s extremely effective. How are people going to know they can click on your banner if you don’t include a call to action? A simple icon that says ‘click me’ makes a big difference. An enthusiastic testimonial is a good way to show your customers the value of your product to someone that they trust. Web banner is an opportunity to promote your company  image.

Be sure to present your brand’s distinctive aesthetic, for example your logo, via everything you publish. A little text goes a long way.In the case of flash banners  Internet flow will also force you to scroll your text too quickly.