A web banner might be static or animated, and it might even be interactive. It might adapt the Internet user’s cursor into an image related to the content of the advertisement whenever the cursor is hovered or clicked over the banner.

This serves to simulate an entertaining animated reaction or even a simplistic point-and-click game while quickly redirecting the user away to the main sales website. Some web banners might utilize an audio feature. This can confuse users, especially if the banner is displayed near the bottom of the webpage, beyond the user’s immediate view. A web banner is different from a pop-up ad, which opens in a separate window or at least can be closed. Websites can be promoted in many ways – banner ads are just one option . Web banner  is a popular method for companies with an online presence to drive traffic to their websites. It’s a good way to target potential customers and bring them directly to your website, for a low initial investment. Continually and methodically measure results, and refine your promotion strategy accordingly. For example, you could try split testing – trying two or more alternative adverts that differ in one simple way, for example by using different wording or a different image. You can then easily compare their results against each other to see which one performs best.

Create high-quality, professional banner advertisments  that reinforce your brand image and, crucially, don’t mislead or irritate potential customers. Make sure your banner adverts attract attention – through an eye-catching layout, animation or a special offer. If you’re not confident, it could be wise to invest in professional help – a banner design company or web marketing specialist – to make sure you get the best out of your campaign.